Write Anything

It’s been about 6 months since I have posted anything.  I suppose I let life get in the way of getting back into doing what I love.  Even though I’m not the greatest writer I love to write.  If I love writing so much, how come I haven’t written in so long?

To be honest, I’ve had every chance to write.  I don’t work (besides the mom thing) so I have a lot of free time on my hands.  Sadly I spend a lot of my time vegging out on the couch watching tv or with my right hand glued to my phone.  I’m also pregnant, which means I haven’t been getting outside as much as I normally do.  Which means I should have even more time to write… But do I?

No, I don’t.

Now, I could blame my absence on the fact that life is just too busy right now but we already know that I’m not busy.  So what IS to blame?  I can’t think of anything other than I’m suffering from an illness.  A defeating illness called writer’s block.

Some may argue that I didn’t even do that much writing, how could it be writer’s block.  Well, what is writer’s block?  It is the condition of being unable to write or not knowing how to proceed with writing.  Every time I went to write over the last 6 months I would log into WordPress, open up a blank page and just stare.  I could not put words to tablet for the life of me.  I had this goal of writing a post for my blog once a week for a year.  Instead I haven’t written a thing for over 6 MONTHS!!! Sigh!

I’m not sure if I’ve gotten over my “condition” or if I’m just able to write about it because of how I feel about it… And how I feel is depressing.  I’m stressed and depressed and obsessed with eating.  I’m about 6 months pregnant so I should be happy.  I think that trying to write will relieve some stress and depression and maybe even stop my eating every time I get bored.  So, with the hopes that I am in fact cured, I’m going to start over with my goal for this blog: I’m will have a new post weekly.  I’m excited and determined.

~Ari Swan~