Learning In July

Back in May, I wrote my first post, Happy-Nests, for this new blog of mine.  The entirety of the post was to pursue a new passion, and that by June I would mainly be camping for the summer with my son, Yuri.

Although I did pursue many passions, my job falling into one of those passions, as well as this blog, I didn’t get to go camping as much as was originally planned.  Without regret I shift my blame solely on Yuri’s father – for the simple reason of him being a totally selfish pig.  If you wish to know why I do so, my Mother’s Day post can surely give you a glimpse as to why.  I did take Yuri camping though,





and we had a blast!  Yuri loved his new sleeping bag (and I loved mine as well), and he loved drinking hot cocoa and making hot dogs and smore’s.

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