You Oughtta Hear the Mirror In My House

You Oughtta Hear the Mirror In My House

through_the_looking_glass_by_LanWu Through the Looking Glass by LanWu of DeviantArt

Into the looking glass I see the elusive whore that is me.  Masked and tasteless, she has killed the dream that I dreamed.  Stitches falling apart at the seams, it matters no more what she screams into the inhospitable, isolated, nighttime air.  It isn’t her fault he has gone away.  Left me alone… only with a suitcase of memories… and the girl in the looking glass.

Our past haunts me as I ponder every waking breath.  She says I could leave all of this behind with time.  Even if I could, it won’t bring him back.

Turning away only gave me room to cleanse the mask. Inside of me still lies a dark paradise of  menacing, sinister, ominous delight. There may or may not be two more of me, conflicting spirits and energies. Stand beside me and see. He won’t…

Drowning in her own salty tears, I try to adjust to the imbalance of her abandoned life. Oh. No. I don’t feel pretty. It’s too late for me to turn back, I have come too far. I too begin to drown.

Rescued from a slowly sinking ship she cries with words of freedom. Shadowed wings of sincerity, hinting promises of liberty…  Alas, they came too soon. Shattered bones lying deep beneath, only coming up to prove she’s wrong, pulls her back into the darkness. She doesn’t want me anymore.

She sings to me, “That girl that you’ve been before, the one that you wish never existed. She is dead and gone and lying on the edge of a galactic abyss. You are not alone. There is no time for flight. Go ahead and blame Hollywood, but don’t let that feeling hold you down.” In her eyes, I will always be a monster. No sleep tonight… We’re on the night train.

by Arian ❤


P.S. If you click “Oughtta Hear The Mirror In My House”, the Title will take you to Anya Marina’s music video Miss Halfway.
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