I know the feeling all too well..


Baby Harry is almost four months old now, and post partum anxiety has found me once again.

PPA is a bitch, I tell ya! She moves in, uninvited and unwelcome, and she turns you into a person you don’t recognize, like, or want to know. She is tempermental, irrational, scary at times, and completely unpredictable. Yet she is not unknown to me. The difference this time is that I am getting help to rid myself of her.

PPA is far more common than PPD, and goes unnoticed far too often. Even when it is noticed, it isn’t talked about or dealt with. It is one of those things that just gets chalked up to a temporary change in hormones and is swept under the rug. This is not fact. We all need to know about it, for it affects too many of us. It is a serious diagnoses, and untreated…

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Write Anything

It’s been about 6 months since I have posted anything.  I suppose I let life get in the way of getting back into doing what I love.  Even though I’m not the greatest writer I love to write.  If I love writing so much, how come I haven’t written in so long?

To be honest, I’ve had every chance to write.  I don’t work (besides the mom thing) so I have a lot of free time on my hands.  Sadly I spend a lot of my time vegging out on the couch watching tv or with my right hand glued to my phone.  I’m also pregnant, which means I haven’t been getting outside as much as I normally do.  Which means I should have even more time to write… But do I?

No, I don’t.

Now, I could blame my absence on the fact that life is just too busy right now but we already know that I’m not busy.  So what IS to blame?  I can’t think of anything other than I’m suffering from an illness.  A defeating illness called writer’s block.

Some may argue that I didn’t even do that much writing, how could it be writer’s block.  Well, what is writer’s block?  It is the condition of being unable to write or not knowing how to proceed with writing.  Every time I went to write over the last 6 months I would log into WordPress, open up a blank page and just stare.  I could not put words to tablet for the life of me.  I had this goal of writing a post for my blog once a week for a year.  Instead I haven’t written a thing for over 6 MONTHS!!! Sigh!

I’m not sure if I’ve gotten over my “condition” or if I’m just able to write about it because of how I feel about it… And how I feel is depressing.  I’m stressed and depressed and obsessed with eating.  I’m about 6 months pregnant so I should be happy.  I think that trying to write will relieve some stress and depression and maybe even stop my eating every time I get bored.  So, with the hopes that I am in fact cured, I’m going to start over with my goal for this blog: I’m will have a new post weekly.  I’m excited and determined.

~Ari Swan~

Friday Night Think Tank: All The Bad Things

I was never really one for going to church, however, there are a few things I have learned through the years. First is the speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil… when I was the young I was the goth girl who had that shirt with the fairies on it posing those gestures.

Another lesson is ask and you shall receive. Have you ever seen or read, “The Secret”? It’s basically about how the world you see is a reflection of how you perceive yourself. The more positive your thoughts are the better your life gets.

Maybe it’s the anarchist in me, but I don’t buy into the mainstream media, because most if it is bullshit. One of those, “gotta see it before I believe it,” chicks.

All that being said, I know there is evil and there are tragedies in the world because I have witnessed it, and they are difficult to face. Every single one of us have our own demons to face – some people need help facing them – and life can get pretty chaotic when we do face those demons. I get pretty scared of my own life. As long as I remember to trust my heart and put my faith in peace the dangers won’t get to me. If I allow myself to follow my dreams the spirits will continue to guide me.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Doc BrownIt’s Friday, Modern Philosophers.

I needed to take a little time to clear my head before heading out to the Think Tank for our weekly Philosophical Exercise.  The Deep Thoughts needed some space to bounce around, and there was too much nonsense cluttering up my mind.

While this is a humor blog, things do get a bit serious on Friday nights when we gather to get Philosophical.  I think it’s good to change things up a little, and this blog’s goal is to inspire both laughter and Deep Thoughts.

Of course, there’s also a financial reason for the more serious posts.  The blog’s two main sponsors are The Doc Brown Charitable Foundation and The Trust For The Furthering Of Philosophical Thinking.  Doc could care less what I blog about, but the folks who write the checks for the Trust insist upon at least on deeply profound Philosophical post a…

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Anti-Autism Prejudice: Media, Parents, and Damaged Children

…”More importantly than that, so what if he is feeble-minded, which I take to be a euphemism for stupid and slow? Why is that a bad thing?

“Do we judge people’s quality and worth based on their intelligence, even setting aside that our notions of intelligence are themselves based on arbitrary and changing ideas?

Ultimately, however, as parents our children are our charge and our responsibility, whether we live in empathetic or cruel societies and no matter whether we are served or challenged by effective, ineffective, or counterproductive organizational influences.”

Living in a society as screwy as ours, it is best to just think of all our children as little Jedi. I empathize with the writer of this article and the writer of the article this article is in response to… because #EMPATHY
– ❤ Ari

Ray Hemachandra @ Golden Moon Publishing

Nicholas HemachandraMy son, Nicholas, was featured on the cover of the major western North Carolina weekly — the Mountain Xpress — a couple of weeks ago and the cover is, without question, The Best Cover Ever. Featuring a photograph by Tim Robison and art design by Megan Kirby, it’s something to frame for Nicholas’ lifetime.

Also, and sadly this part appeals to me, if I put it in a frame I won’t read the Mountain Xpress article, in which my family and two other families are profiled, again. And Nicholas won’t be able to read it, either.

When you’re unhappy with a piece you’re featured in, it’s always disorienting. You inevitably get lots of enthusiastic response from people who care about you and who think press coverage is a kind of special honor — mixed with upset response from people who care about you and know better.

You want to…

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The Unbearable Cuteness of Being

Gahhhh! Bears are just so damn cute!!!

Off the Beaten Path: Hikes, Backpacks, and Travels

Sure, bears can be cute.   That Yogi, he’s pretty dapper.   But bear cubs? Now that’s some unbearable cuteness.*

(* thanks, Linda!)

And everyone in Yellowstone thinks so, too.  A mama bear with a cub is sure to bring out the crowds.


Of course we stop when we see this kind of action.  And it’s worth it to see a mama black bear and a tiny cub of the year foraging just a couple of hundred feet from the road.



We thought there was only one cub, but suddenly mom turned her attention to something in a nearby tree.    It seemed like mom wanted junior to climb, but he wasn’t so keen on the idea:




We heard bawling from high in the tree…a second cub!


No, wait…there are two in the tree!  They look like spider monkeys as they climb down.


Mama bear and three tiny cubs, totally oblivious to the madly…

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