No More!

Bullying. Do you remember hearing that word in junior-high? Not from teachers really. At least I don’t remember any teachers saying much about bullying… Except that one time in 8th grade. Other than that, the teachers didn’t really give bullies a second glance. Although we didn’t hear much from the teachers, there sure was a lot of it going on.

It was during Breakfast Club and I was in the 6th grade. It was my first year in middle school. I was there with three other friends from Whittier Elementary School, and there was a grip of other kids from different elementary schools. There was one other girl from Whittier in the club that I remember not having any friends. The club was once a week before school.
The girl with no friends was usually the first to leave the room. This day was unusual though. When she got up to leave there was a puddle of thick, red liquid in her seat. One of my friends said something rather vulgar, just loud enough for her to hear – the rest of us burst out into laughter. That was when the girl with no friends began to walk towards the office rather fast.

While I look back at some of the stuff I was involved in I feel somewhat ashamed. I never thought I was a bully, but I also didn’t stand up against bullying as much as I should have. When we look at the before-mentioned story, I did participate in laughing at the unfortunate event of the girl starting her period without knowing. Yes, that was a true story and I am to blame for enabling a bully by laughing at her mean joke. I shoul have told her to stop… Maybe I could have told her to shove the chair up her @$$, but that would be mean. I wish I would have done something different though.

“Can we write, HAC, one your hand? See we all have it.” “What does it stand for?” “Hate Arian Club,” and the bunch of ’em all started laughing when all I could do was stare at them. Why were they doing this? I’m popular. There is only one person who could have started this.

The school officer ended up having to drag me down to the school in his police cruiser. I didn’t want to show my face ever again in that school. Not after the entire 8th grade and at least half of the 7th grade joined in on the hate club. That was when the school had a bullying assembly and they played that country song, “Don’t Laugh At Me,” along with a PowerPoint. They brought me in to have a mediation with the three girls who started the hate club – three of my friends. I hadn’t gotten out of bed for three weeks. After all the hate mail I just fell into a depression. I didnt want to go to that school anymore. I ended up changing schools. Having to change schools just because I went snowboarding without the most popular girl in school. True story.

Maybe it was karma. I wasn’t ever a bully, exactly, but I didn’t really do anything to prevent the bullying. Maybe that is why I was bullied in 8th grade… Who knows.

I am terrified of sending my own child to public schools though. Kids can get mean, and he shouldn’t have to deal with the same bs I put up with. At one point I was terrified to leave my house! How could I put my own child in that kind of situation?

I thought about home-schooling Yuri. Thoughts of mine that have in return received much ridicule. Too much. I honestly believe it is a great idea. I love spending time and learning with him, why not continue it? Well you can continue it while he still attends public school. He won’t get the social interaction every child needs. He won’t get the education he deserves. These concerns are just a few that have been shared with me. However anyone else looks at my concern, I feel that it is valid. Bullying in schools is a real problem not addressed by many. Parents seem to be the only ones who address the issue, and at that, not all parents do.

I am out of school now and I still see bullying taken place. There is not a whole lot I can do other than face the issue head-on with my son. Explaining what bullying is and how it affects others, in my opinion, opens childrens eyes to the problem. Telling them is just one step towards prevention. What else can I do?


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