Friday Night Think Tank: All The Bad Things

I was never really one for going to church, however, there are a few things I have learned through the years. First is the speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil… when I was the young I was the goth girl who had that shirt with the fairies on it posing those gestures.

Another lesson is ask and you shall receive. Have you ever seen or read, “The Secret”? It’s basically about how the world you see is a reflection of how you perceive yourself. The more positive your thoughts are the better your life gets.

Maybe it’s the anarchist in me, but I don’t buy into the mainstream media, because most if it is bullshit. One of those, “gotta see it before I believe it,” chicks.

All that being said, I know there is evil and there are tragedies in the world because I have witnessed it, and they are difficult to face. Every single one of us have our own demons to face – some people need help facing them – and life can get pretty chaotic when we do face those demons. I get pretty scared of my own life. As long as I remember to trust my heart and put my faith in peace the dangers won’t get to me. If I allow myself to follow my dreams the spirits will continue to guide me.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Doc BrownIt’s Friday, Modern Philosophers.

I needed to take a little time to clear my head before heading out to the Think Tank for our weekly Philosophical Exercise.  The Deep Thoughts needed some space to bounce around, and there was too much nonsense cluttering up my mind.

While this is a humor blog, things do get a bit serious on Friday nights when we gather to get Philosophical.  I think it’s good to change things up a little, and this blog’s goal is to inspire both laughter and Deep Thoughts.

Of course, there’s also a financial reason for the more serious posts.  The blog’s two main sponsors are The Doc Brown Charitable Foundation and The Trust For The Furthering Of Philosophical Thinking.  Doc could care less what I blog about, but the folks who write the checks for the Trust insist upon at least on deeply profound Philosophical post a…

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He Loves Me, Loves Me Not

“Ya oughtta be careful what you say around her. She’s the town spermologer”.

When I first heard these words I scoffed. So what, she can’t be all bad. I believe I can handle anything that comes my way; a gossip queen can’t do me no harm.

Or can she?

I went into work the next day, and Liz says to me, she says, “Mourning Wildflower…”. I about choked on my coffee. She looked me up and down with her one good eye – her bad eye glazed like a blueberry donut – hand on her hip – left foot tapping – arms crossed, “Well?”, she asked accusingly.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about, miss”.

Crisis adverted. How did she know?

Randy’s birthday is coming up on the 27th. He would have been at Wildflower last week if the transmission hadn’t given out on the last home stretch. As soon as the little red Toyota broke down he took out his yellow bic-lighter. Map in flames he let it fall to the ground. As he stepped onto the pavement the tow truck pulled up. Some kind of birthday month.

Back at headquarters, I was fixing
the little problems Yuri and I was facing. One, I couldn’t go back to work knowing Liz was on to me. Two, it’s time to move on anyways . Catch ya’ll the flip side.

Duct-tape in hand, Randy skates over to the next lamp post.

“Ya didn’t have to quit, Ari.”

I hand him a poster. What was I supposed to do? Let them mock me about my dead boyfriend?

“I don’t think they were mocking you, hun. They were probably trying to help guide you”. He skated over to the cork-board kiosk and did a plea-aye.

I hand him another poster. I look down at my iPod. Everything on my grooveshark account is playing by twos… Whatever You Like, Whatever You Like, Bukowski, Bukowski, Montage, Montage, Doesn’t Remind Me, Doesn’t Remind Me… God, who’d wanna be such a control freak?

“You can throw them a curve-ball, A-train”.

Wildflower is a big, witch-y, family reunion held in the mountains of my beautiful home state. It’s host of some of the best disc-golf tossers in the nation. Every year we have a tournament in the hills. Every year the location changes. And every year only a select number of homies get the maps to our destination. I guess it’s kind of like a sub-let party of the rainbow gathering. Most years I almost always get left behind. Guess they just don’t think I’m cool enough…

Foolish boys… I’d rock their world, too, if they just gave me the chance.

I’m not sure if we are really allowed to talk about it. It might be like one of thoooseclubs. The kind where the first rule is always, The first rule of __________ club is you never talk about ___________ club. He might be dead to you, but in my heart he is still alive.

Well, Wildflower, here is a big screw you with a smile and my middle finger flying high.


-by Arian



Tunes Times Tuesday: Modest Mouse In Missoula – Yeeeeeeeeeah!!!

Tomorrow I am going to Big Sky Brewery to see Modest Mouse live!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Muah ha ha ha.. I’m supercali duper fragilisticexpialidocious uber excited (could you tell?)!

I have loved Modest Mouse ever since high-school, and they come to Montana a lot, but I have never gotten the chance to see them live.  Not only do I get to see one of my favorite bands ever, I also get to see them with one of my favorite person’s ever – one of my sisters’.  I’m sure there will be plenty of good friends there as well.  Why do I think that?.. Well, because it’s Modest Mouse.  I don’t think I have a single close friend who doesn’t enjoy listening to Modest Mouse.

I think Modest Mouse is probably the 1st indie band I ever liked.  Before boarding school I was more into the punk and goth scene.  Then I met a cute boy in boarding school who always played Modest Mouse on his guitar.  I instantly fell in love… with the band, not the boy… I swear.  I bought my first Modest Mouse cd – The Moon and Antarctica.  I would listen to it whenever I was upset or sick.  I bought some of their older albums later on and just will always be a fan.

Naturally, with it coming up tomorrow, I am going to share a few of my favorites:

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Anti-Autism Prejudice: Media, Parents, and Damaged Children

…”More importantly than that, so what if he is feeble-minded, which I take to be a euphemism for stupid and slow? Why is that a bad thing?

“Do we judge people’s quality and worth based on their intelligence, even setting aside that our notions of intelligence are themselves based on arbitrary and changing ideas?

Ultimately, however, as parents our children are our charge and our responsibility, whether we live in empathetic or cruel societies and no matter whether we are served or challenged by effective, ineffective, or counterproductive organizational influences.”

Living in a society as screwy as ours, it is best to just think of all our children as little Jedi. I empathize with the writer of this article and the writer of the article this article is in response to… because #EMPATHY
– ❤ Ari

Ray Hemachandra @ Golden Moon Publishing

Nicholas HemachandraMy son, Nicholas, was featured on the cover of the major western North Carolina weekly — the Mountain Xpress — a couple of weeks ago and the cover is, without question, The Best Cover Ever. Featuring a photograph by Tim Robison and art design by Megan Kirby, it’s something to frame for Nicholas’ lifetime.

Also, and sadly this part appeals to me, if I put it in a frame I won’t read the Mountain Xpress article, in which my family and two other families are profiled, again. And Nicholas won’t be able to read it, either.

When you’re unhappy with a piece you’re featured in, it’s always disorienting. You inevitably get lots of enthusiastic response from people who care about you and who think press coverage is a kind of special honor — mixed with upset response from people who care about you and know better.

You want to…

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Structured Life Sucks

Sometimes I hate waking up. I never know what to do first thing in the morning. I was never a morning person. Now that I am a mother I figure it’s about damn time I make a schedule for myself to live by so that I don’t lose my marbles everyday – because it gets tiring trying to find them day after day.

I don’t really like schedules. Growing up I always hated structure. I related it with institutions and being all about anarchy I HATED everything that had to do with institutions. Being 25 – still an anarchist – I know enough that a little structure isn’t all that bad. Done right it can actually do some good.

A friend I only see a couple times a year (if that) took Yuri and me to the movies this weekend.  It was good to just spend some time with him even though we didn’t really get a chance to catch up that much.  I started thinking about all the friends I’ve lost touch with over the years and I want to start making time… but first I have to make time for myself so that I don’t go nuts trying to catch up with everyone all at once.

I figure taking small steps at first is the best choice.  This is how it will start:

Movie Night Monday: Obviously Yuri and I will be doing things throughout the day but it will all lead up to the movie that was chosen for the night.  Sort of like a scavenger hunt throughout the day to guess what movie I have chosen for him to watch.  It’s going to be sooo fun! haha

Tunes Times Tuesday’s: I kind of already scheduled this day for music for the blog, so why not incorporate to actual life?  Every Tuesday I will have different musical activities for both Yuri and I to do.

Reading Rainbow Wednesday’s: I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

Arts & Crafts Thursday’s: This weekend I was pretty down because both Yuri and I got severely sunburned while we were out camping the week before.  Instead of sulking pitifully around all day, I came up with an idea.  Well maybe Yuri came up with the idea.  No.  Both of us did.  I was boiling some noodles for lunch and Yuri got into the noodles and started playing with them.  They are the kind of noodles that I used to make necklaces with when I was a little girl.  So after lunch I got out the water-colors and Yuri painted some noodles and made a necklace.



We had so much fun with it, and I really need to set aside an entire day to my own arts & crafts anyways, so it will be saucesome!

Fútbol Fridays: Ya know, for soccer and sports and spanish and german and french and such.

So there’s my weekly schedule. Weekends will be a free-for-all because we all know how those goes. I left lots of room purposefully for a little bit of tweaking here and there. Maybe I won’t feel so dragged down all the time now. Knowing what I will be doing with my kiddo on a daily basis will, hopefully, give me some time and space to sort out some other (somewhat) important aspects of my life.

– ❤ Ari


The Time-Travelin’ VW

Time-travel! What a concept! Going forward into the future or back in time knowing that every move you make must be taken with caution – if you aren’t careful the whole ripple (butterfly) effect could ruin things you have no control of. Visiting places of ruins, times of chivalry, the unknown. We all are just pawns stuck in the game of life after all, is moving forward through time really the only path to take?

I have had multiple nights where my dreams have taken me through time and space. I am not sure about everybody, but, I myself believe that dreams are subconscious memories and thoughts trying to speak to us. Dreams are keys to a different reality. Maybe the time-traveling dreams represent a different life I have lived, have yet to live, or could live. Can I really live these other lives?

If I could, let’s say, become the girl I am in my dreams… would I be able to find the key to an actual ride out of this reality? I know this sounds absolutely crazy. A girl can hope, right? I am just in love with the idea…

Little Yuri, and me, traveling through space and time in search for a great escape… Instead of a Delorean we would have our orange ’74 Volkswagen bug. We would go into the future to a time where we have found life on other planets. We would go to the times of dinosaurs. It would be a bitchin’ time.

To Be Continued…20140713-163819-59899144.jpg


Zombie Paradise

The wheels in my head are turning. Not necessarily in the right direction, they are turning though. Question me,and I will act dumb. Point at me I will act deaf. Touch me and I am blind. It’s strange.
On the road my heart feels as if it is mending. We started out lost and ended up in a town I could almost call my home. It’s got everything I would want in a town to raise a child. A slab of cement where skaters go. A lighted AND mini folf course. A bowling alley across the way. A couple of lakes near a ski hill. Camping is green and humid. And brick homes are for sale… but it’s lonely without… well… you.
I know you might be busy digging graves for our loved ones… mowing our huge families’ yards… seeing double while you shoot pool… and bonding out the bad ones… WE ALL LOVE YOU FOR THAT and you will forever be in my heart. You are still, in a way, my Jack – I hope you still think of me as Sally. I’m waiting for the other Burton boy to find me in my grave. Help him for me, please.
Leaving town won’t be easy. I love my life. My AMAZING friends and family here won’t be excited to see me go. I know where I like to shop; who makes the best coffee; where the cool folks go for a beer; and where all the cool spots are. Oh, and I mustn’t forget Yuri’s father. It’s something that needs to happen though.
For the last 10 years, every other year I’ve had a mental slip. Something has happened each time that caused a trembling reaction from me. The first time I got caught with weed my freshman year in high-school. I was supposed to be sent to a youth ranch so I stole my parents van and drove to Salt Lake City. A reaction that landed me in a wilderness survival program and boarding school for a year. Last time a friend I held dearly to my heart died. I turned into a pitiful bar attendee who didn’t buy any drinks but instead made origami ships and airplanes out of money – a reaction that landed me in jail.

Apparently I am no longer afraid of change. I repeat: CHANGE DOES NOT SCARE ME.
Ok, so maybe some things scare me… Like when back roads come to a dead end stop. Or when the waiter buys my kid’s meals. Or when the parents at the parks are on the same page as me… Like when the peace officer behind you turns their lights on then flies right past you. That kind of scary.
It all can be scary.

Hey look, there is a new definition for fine. I use to relate it with being fucked up, insecure to the bones, neurotic to the teeth, and emotionally unstable. Now when I say fine, You can understand it as: I’m a Fun-lovin’, International Native Equestrian! Because of my search for the last unicorn? Ha!20140710-233859-85139388.jpg
Just to keep you on point.

And since it’s what the kids call throwback thursday, here’s a drawing I started sometime last year and never finished.