Missed Opportunities

 I woke up this morning in a fit of confusion.  I am torn about certain life-decisions that make no sense to me.  It didn’t help that my dreams were all unfocused and screwy.  I had to get going though – I had to get to work.

          I wrote down today’s schedule for the nanny (which happens to be Yuri’s auntie).  When I said good-bye and gave my kisses, Yuri decided to grab onto my leg and not let go.  He wanted to come to work with me.  I couldn’t get out of the house on time… that’s when I knew the day was going to be a weird one.

          My car was on empty.  I was out of money so I had to go to the bank to cash a money order from Yuri’s dad.  Problem?  There was a new bank teller.  She didn’t know where to look for the water mark on the postal service money order.  I even told her to hold it up to the light and look in the middle.  She wouldn’t cash it.. even though I’ve been cashing the child support checks there for months.

       I Had to make the drive to the post office, and I knew that by the time I got there I would be running late for work.  When I got there it was packed.  The lady at the register told me that they didn’t have enough money in the till, just the hundred they started out with.  Lucky for me the guy behind me had to make a money order for $250.  I probably would have had better luck standing at the street corner… or at least that’s what one of the captain’s I work with thought.

          The gas station was packed as well.  I had to pump the gas myself.  Went a nickel over.  By the time I hit the road I knew I was going to be at least ten minutes late.

          Ten minutes late for work and the boat captain asked if he could open the door for me like I did for him.  It was the least he could do.  Boss got the son to go to town to get the fixed ice-cream machine. Hallelujah!

          Two different planned weddings that I could miss.


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