Map’s Little Treasures

Waters raged against the river bank, wind blew hard. Rena shivered as the sails flapped violently. We need to find shelter... Andy looked to the skies – clouds rapidly closed out the blue, changing to a dark grey. Sam took a pull from his flask wondering if they would make it. There were no trees in sight; thunder was coming, and with thunder comes lightning. Rena, Andy, and Sam had little time to devise a plan. They could not afford to fail.

Andy guessed they had about 20 minutes left until it began to pour. Sailing west while the wind blew to the east, they had no choice but to row. All they needed was to find a few trees to tie up the tarp. Too much was at stake to keep on – they wouldn’t be much use if the maps were soaked. They needed to pick up speed. He pulled out his telescope to search for refuge. Just beyond the bend, a minor climb up the mountain from the bank, was a patch of trees on a flat. A surge of relief powered through his bones. “Ahoy, mates! Home, just is around the bend!”

The wooden boat rocked back and forth as the waves splashed wildly up at them. Rena and Sam rowed with all the strength they had gathered together. Keeping up with the current was difficult as they were up against the wind, but they managed. Andy steered the ship’s wheel as they descended upon the northern-shore. Anchor dropped and sails secured -thunder rolled (one, two, three, four, five) and lightning crashed- they readied their packs for the hike.

Setting up camp proved to be more difficult than what they hoped for due to winds. As they ate berries from journey of yesterday’s, Sam took another pull of rum and listened to the rain pour loudly onto soil. This was day six away from their real temporary home. He grabbed his pack and pulled out his leather-bound and pen. He was to write his wife and to add the days routes to his maps.

Dearest Rosette,
It is day six and the rain has stalled our trip. We have travelled far and seen much. But I miss you… If only you had come with, I assure you, this miserable loneliness would cease to be

Sam stopped writing only to look up and see that Andy and Rena were interlocked in each other’s arms, lips gently pressed against each others. Chills crawled up his spine. He missed Rosette only that much more. Why didn’t she want to come with? After all, this journey was her idea. Newlyweds, Sam and Rosette discussed their future, Rosette wanting to move out west. Sam called for his cousin, Andy, and they developed plans to find a homestead in Montana… and then Rosette discovered she had became pregnant with child.

He dropped his pen to the ground and listened. The storm had turned to a slight drizzle. The atmosphere of the other two felt as if it would soon turn to love-making, so he excused himself. The ground was wet and the trees were green. A short distance away, Sam noticed a big black fuzz with legs, and a couple other little fuzz-balls following close behind. He walked towards them and realized it was a mama bear and her two cubs. Mama bear collected berries while the cubs rolled around and pawed at each other playfully. Sam’s heart filled with warmth. He started to feel hopeful for his little family’s future.

He looked up. The grey cloud’s parted and the sky was blue. From afar, looking towards the camp, people would be able to see a double rainbow. If they chose to search for the treasure, they would find Sam’s crew’s camp at one end, and the bear family at the other. He watched the bears and shuffled quickly to get closer look. He was approximately 20 feet away when mama bear looked up. They gazed into each other’s eyes, each animal longing to be understood, as if they were hoping for peace with each other. The bear walked to Sam. She was only 5 feet away when she turned around, gathered her cubs, and left.

He went back to the tent to finish his letter. But Sam was never the same again.

– ❤ Ari

Speakeasy #167




13 thoughts on “Map’s Little Treasures

  1. I really liked the way you omitted articles from your sentences at the beginning. It made your descriptions reverberate: Waters raged, wind blew, sails flapped. Then when you introduced the mama bear, you were using articles again which softened her presence. It put the human and the bear on the same level and Mother Nature was the one calling the shots. Expert use of words here, moonbear! Nice work.


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