He’s getting mean… Mother’s Day must be approaching..

I know how this must sound.. absolutely horrible! Since I have been a mother, I have always kind of dreaded Mother’s day.. Oh gosh, it sounds worse than horrible.

My reasoning? Only because it’s the time of year my son’s dad becomes mean. He is always kind of mean to me, but I mean he gets really MEAN!

In 2010, the year I was pregnant, he told me that he hated me. That he had cheated on me. Basically told me to go to hell. It was a very emotional experience for me while I was pregnant. Couldn’t he have waited until after Mother’s Day?

In 2011 he told me that I was on my own and moved 3 hours away to work in a lumber mill.

In 2012, a couple months after I turned his tacky marriage proposal down, he decided he was going to be a traveling west coast bum. On mother’s day he called me while he was having sex with some girl in a hot tub in Seattle.. told me, “Happy Mother’s Day, bitch.”

In 2013 he had moved back home, found a new girlfriend, and completely changed his mind about being a dad. Now he has a girlfriend to impress. He started harassing me about getting to spend more time with our son (sure, after all the hard parts are over). Mother’s Day he told me that I am going to be just like my crazy mom and that his new girlfriend will make a better mother than I ever will.

We are all a year older now.. I kind of thought that we had grown past all of the animosity. Apparently not. He served me with custody paperwork a couple days ago. He wants full custody. It’s not exactly mother’s day quite yet.. just the week leading up to, c’mon!

Thanks, guy!

I guess I shouldn’t be THAT upset. The guy wants to take initiative.. finally.

It is that just last year I withdrew my child support case… because he didn’t like to involve the government. Mister communist.

It is because when I went to do custody paper work, they never went through because he didn’t have a home address. Also, his parents convinced me that it was pointless to push the paperwork… that he’s going to do whatever he wants to do for now. He might come around, eventually…

It is because I have been gradually moving towards a half-custody schedule with him. He is overly entitled. He doesn’t respect my wishes. He has no appreciation for me..

It is because custody decided by a county judge is for the married and divorced…

I am pissed because my son’s father’s thirst for power and control over me seems like it will continue to be a never-ending battle.

So, to another very dismal Mother’s Day for me. All I can do is let it go. Forgive. Have the best weekend with my son I can create. We’ll be camping at the lake. Something about the freedom of being outdoors and in nature, the patience that comes with fishing, and the after smell of the campfire on my clothes just calls to me.




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